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Confessions of a Reformed Architecture Astronaut: In Defense of MVC

Senior Developer and captain of #TeamReact at Tighten. Proud Chicago native and Wrigley Field bleacher bum. Owned by 2 dogs and a cat.

Octopus Deploy: Automating .NET Deployments

Volunteer Crisis Counselor turned Software Engineer for Crisis Text Line hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. Occasionally does taxes for fun. Lover of source control, repeatable deployment processes, and kayak polo.

Head in the Cloud: How to Write an Alexa Skill

Software Engineer by day. Industrial sewing machine enthusiast the rest of the time. Owner of a knitting bag company. Currently learning to design 8-bit CPUs from logic gates.

A Token Walks Into a SPA...

Full-stack developer and evangelist at Auth0. Mixing his passion of programming and education to create educational content focusing on security, authentication, and much more.


Former Web Developer turned Project Manager @ Spotify. Knowledgable in product development, QA, and people management. Enjoys sharing what she’s learned along the way over a glass of red wine.

Tell Me About Some Projects You Work On In Your Spare Time

A software developer, CTO, and entrepreneur over his 23-year career. Currently serves as consulting CTO for a number of education organizations. Bootstrapping a startup focused on craft beer discovery.

Lost at Sea: Navigating the Waters of Remote/Distributed Teams

Senior Front-end Drupal Developer making websites and workspaces more enjoyable to get meaningful work done. Cofounder of the Erie Design Group and LEGO enthusiast.

Scrumbanzen (or how we evolved our agile practices to deliver early and often)

Software product development consultant in education. Former VP of Product Development and Operations at Think Through Math. Passionate about leading projects and people. Possibly more passionate about 90s pop classic sing-a-longs.


Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum is one of the best places in Erie to hold events. The historic downtown gallery building blows out to include an enormous modern architectural wing with an event space and café. The building Spans most of the block between 4th and State St., and 5th and French St. The conference entrance will be through the large glass doors of the Wave Café on 5th street. Once inside, the large gallery hall with the main stage for Erie Day of Code will be immediately to your left. You're more than welcome to check out the various collections at the museum during intermissions or lunch the conference for free!


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